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More Playable Characters In Batman: Arkham City

June 12th, 2011 Posted in News

Warner Brothers has been teasing fans about the ‘Batman: Arkham City’ collectors edition title for months, but now it is known that both Catwoman and Robin will be playable charaters. The premise is the same as the original – play as Batman, Robin or Catwoman to bring down evil doers in Gotham City. In addition to the game itself, gamers will get the art book, four trading cards, a Batman figurine and a bunch of other goodies.

The game will focus on the single player format, but you can still invite your friends over and have a free for all. Judging from the quality of a few screenshots that Warner Brothers has so generously released, the game is incredibly true to life. Batman is bulky, rugged and carries an arsenal of cool, new weapons. The villains are decidedly dirty and gritty, but that’s what makes beating them up so fun.

It is not yet known what the game will be rated, however, its due out in store in mid October. If you are a fan of Batman or any other comic book character, it might be worth it to pick up ‘Batman: Arkham City’. There might be a real storyline, but you already know what to expect with a game like this. Look for clue, take down a few bad guys and save the girl in peril. Warner Brothers is certainly cashing in on each of its properties, and the new Batman title looks like it will deliver on all fronts.

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