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Korean Steampunk MMORPG Coming in 2011 to North America

September 21st, 2010 | 6 Comments | Posted in News

The market in the nation of South Korea for massive multiplayer online roleplaying games has historically been huge since Korea is one of the most wired parts of the world, but the popular MMORPG called AGRO, coming from Alaplaya, is definitely making some waves as it heads to the North American market. The game is set in a fantasy setting known as steampunk which combines the technology of the 19th century, Victorian fashions and sword and sorcery style of fantasy roleplay to create a unique genre many will be familiar with due to the success of the Final Fantasy franchise of games. In the AGRO MMO, there will be huge battle grounds where hundreds of players will be doing battle, even using transport type vehicles that will take 3 to 10 players at a time into battle. On top of this, reviewers say that the game features a very deep crafting system which may appeal to many players. According to the managing director Ingo Griebl who is with the company working with MGame and Alaplaya, burda:ic GmbH, the game is expected to be a big draw for players in the North American and European markets that have not yet had a strong contender for a steampunk title that features a large scale combat orientation.

Many players online have been reporting that they appreciate the Player vs Player combat system that they report as being similar to Allods Online or Dark Eden, something they feel has been left out of many MMORPGs today.