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Upcoming PSP Game from Yakuza Developer Focuses on Japanese Street Punks

April 12th, 2010 | Comments Off on Upcoming PSP Game from Yakuza Developer Focuses on Japanese Street Punks | Posted in News

As one of the hottest games coming out that focused on the famous Japanese crime syndicate, Yakuza garnered a great deal of attention during its debut and has managed to stay popular with gamers on a variety of platforms. Developer Toshihiro Nagoshi, the man behind the Yakuza series, has recently unveiled a new project code named Project K which will be along a similar lines, but offer a new type of story. This time Nagoshi intends to focus on a different type of character set rather than the highly organized mafia like Yakuza. While the game will still be set in the Kamurocho red light district known for such seedy settings, it will be geared more towards the street fighting punk end of the game instead of the higher class mob type characters. The urban setting will allow for a new character who is just 18 years old, Tatsuya Ukyo, a hostile type of thug known for showing no mercy to his foes.

When the character decides to make a run at a high ranking Yakuza member, he finds himself in far more trouble than he bargained for. The Project K game will be coming out for the hand held PSP system from Sony and is intended to be more aggressive than its predecessor. The goal was to up the ante and include far higher levels of violence with a younger, fresher character. Already the gaming scene on the web is abuzz with news of the title as many PSP owners expect to be first in line the moment its released.